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Title: Stereopsis and Contrast Sensitivity Binocular Summation in Early Glaucoma
Authors: Amal A. El-Gohary ; Ghada A. Siam
Aff: Ocular Physiology Department, Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Cairo, Egypt.
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Keywords: Early glaucoma; stereopsis; contrast sensitivity and binocular summation
Abstract:Purpose: To investigate the stereoacuity and binocular summation for contrast sensitivity in early
glaucoma patients. Methods: The study included 18 patients with early glaucoma and 15 controls. Both
groups were evaluated for depth perception using Lang stereotest and binocular summation using VCTS
contrast sensitivity chart at 1.5, 3, 6, 12, and 18 spatial frequencies. Results: Stereoacuity was significantly
reduced in early glaucoma patients. Binocular contrast sensitivity function (CSF) was significantly reduced
across spatial frequency range from low spatial frequency (1.5c/d) to high spatial frequency (18c/d).
Binocular summation ratio( BSR) was decreased below normal value at spatial frequencies 1.5, 3, 18 c/d.
The robust decrease of BSR was observed at spatial frequency 3 c/d. Conclusions: We concluded that in
early glaucoma the binocular mechanisms that mediate binocular summation and stereoacuity are disrupted.
VCTS contrast sensitivity chart and Lang-stereotest could be sensitive measures for testing visual function
in early glaucoma patients.