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Title: Water Pollution in Relation to Agricultural Activity Impact in Egypt
Authors: M.S. Gaballah; K. Khalaf; A. Beck ; J. Lopez
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Keywords: Irrigation; drainage; water table; salinization; pollution; agriculture practices; survey; Dakahlia; Sohag; Farmers
Abstract:The present study was carried out in two Governorates in Egypt, Dakahlia (North Delta) and Sohag
(Upper Egypt) for developing a system of good agricultural practice in Egypt. The study included 400 farmers
(200/each governorate) were chosen randomly from different villages to answer questions concerning field work
survey. Collected data from field work survey were analysed for interpretating the facts and cause of water
pollution in selected sites. It was clear that most of the farmers practice bad habits particularly with water
resources and urgently need improvement to change their farming practices. Deduced results proved that there
are two critical points in agricultural lands i.e. salinization and water pollution, both were caused due to poor
irrigation and drainage management. According to obtained results, it has been proved that surface type of
irrigation system covered more than 60% in Sohag, while in Dakahlia surface and flood systems were the
dominant. The rate of irrigation was decided according to plant need in Dakahlia, while in Sohag was regularly
every two weeks. About 98% of farmers are not aware to the importance of drains. A positive correlation was
found between the depth of water table and each of source of irrigation and crop rotation and also between the
source of irrigation and drainage discharge in Dakahlia and Sohag.