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Title: A Logit Analysis of Socio-economic Factors Influencing People to become Fisherman around Lake Malombe in Malawi
Authors: George Matiya; Yoshikazu Wakabayashi; Davies Ng’ong’ola ; Naruhito Takenouchi
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Keywords: Integrated development approach; Lake Malombe; logit model; over fishing; participatory fisheriesmanagement
Abstract:This study identifies the socio-economic factors that influence people’s decision to become a
fisherman using the logit model. Fisheries management experts recognize that the underlying causes of fisheries
resource over-exploitation and coastal environmental degradation are often of social and economic in nature.
Therefore the primary concerns of fisheries management, therefore, should address the relationship of fisheries
resources to human welfare and the conservation of the resources. Addressing these issues provides not only
a socially and politically accepted solution, but also a long term solution to fisheries management. It must also
be recognized that the solution to the management of fisheries resources might not lie within the fisheries sector
alone as the real causes of the problems might lie outside the fisheries sector. Therefore a multi-sectoral
approach to development might be worth pursuing. This reduces dependence on natural resources for