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Title: Food Items may be Compliant High Throughput Drug Library Waiting to be Tapped: A Proof of Concept Study
Authors: S.o Bello; B.Y. Muhammad; K.S. Gammaniel; I. Abdu-aguye; H. Ahmed ; C.H. Njoku
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Keywords: Food; Diet; drug discoveryšų˙˙
Abstract:Much of what we consume as foods have been shown to contain pharmacoactive substances some
of which are immediate biological modulants while others, like phytoestrogens, have more lasting genomic
effects. Are these substances in food by design or by default? Is the overall biologic effect of food dependent
on these active constituents? Pharmacoactive food constituents are by definition orally compliant, have
acceptable toxicity profiles and their observed effects in man make powerful pharmacokinetic and
pharmacodynamic statements. Detailed evaluation of dietary factors with demonstrable activities may generate
high value drug candidates and dietary “pharmaco typing” may be a useful guide to more healthy food intake.
In a proof of concept study, significant negative correlation was found between symptom score and type or
quantity of dietary additives consumed by self reported asthmatics in an urban northwestern Nigerian settingD