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Title: Effect of some Chemical Treatments on Fruiting of 'Leconte' Pears
Authors: Taher A. Yehia ; H.S.A. Hassan
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Keywords: Pears; Boron; GA ; BA; sucrose; fruit set; fruit characteristics
Abstract:This investigation was carried out to evaluate the effect of some chemical treatments to enhance fruit
set and improve fruit characteristics of Le Conte pear trees. It was performed during seasons 2003 and 2004 at
the experimental research station of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza Governorate. Different
concentrations of boron, gibberellic acid (GA ), benzyl adenine (BA) and sucrose were applied at full bloom and 3
three weeks later. All the applied treatments significantly increased initial fruit set, final fruit set and yield
compared to the control trees in both seasons of the study. However the highest significant initial fruit set was
produced as a result of 5% sucrose at full bloom and it averaged 13.04 and 16.71% in the two successive
seasons. Also, 20% sucrose spray at full bloom resulted in the highest significant final fruit set as it averaged
7.9 and 8.7% in both seasons. Similarly significant improvements were attained in fruit characteristics as a result
of the applied treatments. Data are presented for the studied fruit characteristics which comprised of average
weight, volume, length, diameter, shape index, specific gravity, firmness, total soluble solids (TSS), acidity and
TSS/ acid ratio as a result of the applied treatments during the two studied seasons. It can be recommended
from the present study to apply the enhancement chemical treatments at full bloom as they gave better results
than after three weeks from bloom, also sucrose applications either at 5 or 20% caused significant improvement
in fruit set, yield and most of the studied fruit characteristics.