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Title: Fruit Yield and Quality of Watermelon as Affected by Hybrids and Humic Acid Application
Authors: S.R. Salman; S.D. Abou-hussein; A.M.R. Abdel-mawgoud ; M.A. El-nemr
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Keywords: watermelon; humic acid; hybrids; yield; marketable yield; fruit quality; mineral content
Abstract:Three hybrids of watermelon crop namely, sugar belle, Aswan and Giza1 were cultivated in the
growing seasons 2003 and 2004 in new reclaimed lands. Humic acid treatments were applied through drip
irrigation system in rates of 0 (control), 2, 4 and 6 L/feddan to study their effects on the fruit yield and quality.
Obtained data showed that Aswan hybrid was the highest in the early yield. On the other hand, the highest
total yield was obtained by Sugar belle hybrid and the lowest by Aswan hybrid, but their marketable yields were
not significantly different. Humic acid application up to 6 L/feddan increased total yield of all hybrids. N content
in the leaves was significantly different among hybrids. The results of the regression analysis of N content in
leaves to humic acid application were not significantly different. Contents and rates of P and K were
significantly different in hybrids and to humic acid treatments. Fruit quality parameters were discussed in
relation to total and marketable yields of the three hybrids