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Title: Growth and Productivity of Williams Banana Grown under Shading Conditions
Authors: M.M.S. Saleh
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Keywords: Williams Banana; shading; black saran; growth; leaf mineral content; yield
Abstract:Abstract: Williams banana plants were grown in (2001- 2002) and (2002- 2003) seasons under black saran
condition to investigate the effect of shading on vegetative growth, leaf mineral content and bunch yield.
Results indicated that, although there was no infections or shredding were occurred through the plant leaves
and the number of total and green leaves/plant were increased under shading with black saran, the irradiance
level was reduced by about 76% than open field condition which in turn negatively affected on vegetative
growth, minerals and chlorophyll content in the leaves, number of emerged suckers/plant and yield of Williams
banana plants. Also shading lengthened the period from sucker emergence to bunch shooting and to bunch