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Title: Growth, Yield and Endogenous Hormones of Two Sesame (Sesamum indicumL.) Cultivars as Influenced by Stigmasterol
Authors: El-Greedly; Nadia; H.M ; B.B. Mekki
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Keywords: Endogenous hormones; growth; sesame cultivars; yield HTT
Abstract:A pots experiments were carried out during two summer seasons 2003 and 2004 at the greenhouse
of the National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt in order to investigate the influence of different
concentrations of stigmasterol (0, 100, 150 and 200 ppm) on growth, yield and endogenous hormones of two
sesame cultivars (Giza-32 and Shandweel-3). In general, increasing stigmasterol concentration up to 200 ppm
significantly increased the growth, seed yield and number of capsules / plant as well as 1000seed weight were
also increased due to increasing stigmmasterol concentrations. Plants treated by 100 or 150 ppm showed
approximately the same values of seeds / plants, while when it sprayed by high concentration (200 ppm), seed
yield was increased. Seed oil (%) was gradually increased at the same high concentration. However, the plants
that sprayed by 100 or 150 ppm showed the same oil (%), whereas the plants received 200 ppm recorded the
highest seed oil percentage (59.96) and the lowest (55.99) was untreated plants. Shandweel - 3 cultivar showed
the highest oil content (64.53%) at 200 ppm followed by the same cultivar when sprayed by 150 ppm of
stigmasterol. Concerning, the endogenous hormones, Giza - 32 had more GA , IAA and lower ABA than 3
Shandweel - 3 cultivar, however, in both cultivars application of 150 or 200 ppm of stigmasterol had the highest
GA , IAA and lowest ABA compared to the treatments sprayed by 100 ppm and / or to untreated plants.