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Title: Response of Williams Banana to Different Rates of Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizers
Authors: E.A.M. Mostafa
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Keywords: Williams banana; nitrogen; potassium; yield; fruit quality1.1
Abstract:During two successive crop cycles of Williams banana cultivar, grown under El-Gharbia Governorate
conditions, on 2002/2003 (second ratoon) and 2003/2004 (third ratoon) were subjected to study the effect of the
recommended dose of Nitrogen and potassium fertilizers added in different parts intervals through out the
growing season. The obtained results revealed that, treatment No. 2(T2) which include the following intervals,
(50 gm N/plant on April, 50 gm N/plant on May, 50 gm N/plant on June, 70 gm N/plant on July, 80 gm N/plant
on August, 90 gm N/plant on September and 100 gm N/plant on October + (100 gm K/plant on April, 133.5 gm
K/plant on June, 167 gm K/plant on August and 199.5 gm K/plant on October gave the highest values of :
length of pseudostem and its circumference number of green leaves and leaf area. Also, this treatment caused
earlier bunch shooting, bunch harvesting as well as; cropping cycle.The highest bunch weight, number of
hands/bunch and number of fingers/bunch with best finger quality (weight, length and diameter) were recorded
by plants received (T2) during both seasons. It is worthy to decide that the best results with regard to growth,.
Leaf nutritional status, yield and fruit quality were obtained by plant received (T2), in both seasons