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Title: Effect of Minimum Root-zone Temperature on the Growth and Production of Greenhouse Sweet Pepper
Authors: A.M.R. Abdel-mawgoud; Y.N. Sassine; U.A. El-behairy; A.F. Abou-hadid ; S.O. El-abd
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Keywords: Root-zone temperature; Capsicum annuum; sweet pepper; NFT; plant water use; yielde Sweet
Abstract:Abstract: A greenhouse experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of minimum root-zone temperature
on the growth and production of sweet pepper plants grown under un-heated greenhouse conditions. Sweet
pepper plants cv. Godeon were grown in NFT system in a plastic-house. Treatments were heated nutrient
solution with minimum temperature 18C and unheated nutrient solution (control). Results showed that raising
minimum root-zone temperature was effective until mid-spring and no-longer needed afterward. Plant water use,
plant height, leaf area increased by heating treatment however, number of leaves was not affected. Data of yield
showed that both number and weight of harvested fruits were higher and average fruit weight increased by
heating treatment while dry matter content of the fruits was not affected. Dry matter production was also
improved by heating treatment. Data are further discussed in relation to the interaction between greenhouse
climate and root-zone conditions.