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Title: A Tool to Groundwater Prospecting in Granitic Terrain of Hyderabad Region A.p, India
Authors: M.J. Mohammadzadeh ; D.vidyasagar Chary
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Keywords: Soil Geochemistry; Groundwater prospecting.pdf
Abstract:An attempt has been made to study the relationship of soil chemistry with vertical electrical resistivity
data of granitic terrain with a view to evolve geochemical guides for ground water prospecting. For this purpose
soil chemistry and the resistivity parameters such as D2 and h2 have been considered. It is observed that the
bicarbonate (HCO3) shows a linear relationship with (h2), similar relations between Cl/T.H and D2 is observed
where as the (HCO3) content increases with depth to the bed rock. The relationship between ratios of ions and
resistivity parameters found that C1/HCO3 ratios increases with decreasing the thickness of aquifer (h2) and
HCO3/T.H is increases with the increase of aquifer thickness and aquifer resistivity (h2 and D2 ). The HCO3
content of soil and C1/HCO3 ratio are the guides for aquifer thickness or weathered zone thickness in
groundwater prospecting by means of soil geochemistry.