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Title: Study of Different Units Efficiency for Removing Metallic Ions in Isfahan Water Treatment Plant
Authors: Afshin Maleki; Babak Roshani; Farham Karakani
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Keywords: Metallic ions; heavy metals; water treatment plant; removal efficiencye
Abstract:In this study, removal efficiency of heavy metals such as iron, manganese, copper and nickel were
surveyed in various units of water treatment plant in Isfahan City. Samples were taken from influent, before and
after sedimentation and after filtration under standard condition. Concentration of heavy metals in each sample
was measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results showed that removal efficiency of iron,
manganese, copper and nickel were 71, 60, 79 and 40 percent, respectively. Experimental results currently
showed low efficiency for the suitable removal of aluminum. So, the aluminum concentration in all the samples
from the influent (2.03mgl-1) and effluent (2mgl-1) of the water treatment plant exceeded the EPA drinking water
standard (50ėgl-1). It is concluded that using conventional treatment technology can reduce metal
concentrations except aluminum below internationally approved guidelines