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Title: The Islamic Education and the ‘j-qaf’ Program in Malaysia
Authors: Farid Mat Zain; Wan Kamal Mujani ; Ibrahim Abu Bakar
Aff: Farid Mat Zain, Wan Kamal Mujani and Ibrahim Abu Bakar; The Islamic Education and The ‘j-QAF’ Program in Malaysia
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Keywords: Islamic Education And; ‘j-qaf’ Program; Muslim; Malaysia
Abstract:Recently the Islamic education in some Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan are said to produce
the supporters of Muslim terrorists. The bad and ugly image of the Islamic education is not in line with the
noble, sublime and pristine goals of Islam and its education namely to inculcate the good and beneficial values
in human minds and souls. Both human minds and spirits are important to be inculcated and trained with the
good and beneficial values because good and useful conducts and actions originate from good, sound, healthy
minds and souls. Evil and useless conducts and actions originate from evil and useless minds and souls. Hence
both Islam and its education pay attention to human minds and souls with the hope of producing good and useful
Muslims. For this good reason, all Muslims rely on their Islamic education for their children. They do not
believe that the Islamic education should produce bad and evil Muslims who terrorize human beings since the
Muslims themselves are human beings. In Malaysia, the Government promotes and sponsors Islamic education
in the national primary and secondary school system. The salaries of the teachers who teach the Islamic
education subjects are monthly paid by Malaysian Ministry of Education. The Ministry also develops the
curricula for the Islamic education subjects and produces the textbooks for them. The teachers for the Islamic
education subjects are trained at the college and university levels. The Ministry has established the Department
of Islamic Education and Moral (JAPIM) to manage and administer the Islamic and moral education section or
sector. This paper is intended to survey and present the new program for the Islamic education in Malaysian
national primary schools. The program is named in short as ‘j-QAF’ that stands for the Jawi (the Malay-Jawi
script or alphabets), the Quran, Arabic and the Fard ‘Ayn (the Muslim individual religious duties such as the
five obligatory prayers, fasting during the month of Ramadan, the two confession of faith).