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Title: Islamic Astronomy and the Establishment of Al-khawarizmi Complex in Malaysia
Authors: Ibnor Azli Ibrahim; Mohd Razlan Ahmad; Mohd Hafiz Safiai ; Wan Kamal Mujani
Aff: Islamic Astronomy and the Establishment of Al-Khawarizmi Complex in Malaysia
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Keywords: Islamic Astronomy; Al-khawarizmi Complex; Malaysia
Abstract:Al-Khawarizmi Complex which began full operation in 2006 is among the most modern one-stop centre
for astronomical activities in Malaysia. The construction is intended to encourage the development of astronomy
through research, education and astro-tourism in the Malaysian community. The issue is whether the
construction of this complex complied with the criteria for a friendly research and education observatory in
several key aspects, including compliance with Islamic requirements in the construction of an observatory. This
paper will discuss in detail the features of Al-Khawarizmi Complex and a few key criteria which meet the
requirements of an Islamic observatory in several studies which have been conducted. In an overview, new
criteria are expected to serve as a guide in the development of an observatory, which is the gift of various fields
of science and its construction is parallel with the survival of Islam and the science of astronomy itself. The
findings of this study will guide the construction of the other Islamic observatories in Malaysia.