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Title: The Influence of Income and Expenses to the Well-being of Islanders on Perhentianisland, Terengganu, Malaysia
Authors: Norizan Abdul Ghani; Nurdina Iman Zulkifli ; Che Siti Noradliza Mahmud
Aff: Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Islamic Contemporary Studies, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, 21300, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
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Keywords: Well-Being; Income and Expenses; Islanders; Perhentian Island
Abstract:Income and expenses are two of the indicators used to analyze the well-being of islanders on Perhentian
Island, one of the inhabited islands in Terengganu, Malaysia. The objective of this study is to determine the
changes in income and the expenses patterns of the Perhentian islanders. This study used qualitative method,
where three techniques were used to obtain data. The three techniques used include; Focus Group Discussion
(FGD), interview, and, observation. Nine participants were involved in the FGD and six informants were
interviewed. Observation was conducted from 2001 to 2011 in order to see the spending patterns of the
islanders over 10 years. Analysis of interviews shows that the indicators of income and expenses influence the
islandersí level of well-being. This means that the higher the income of the islanders, the higher their level of
happiness and well-being. Similarly, in terms of the expense factor, the more they can spend to meet the needs
of their lives, the more prosperous life they would have. Different payments in income among the islanders
affect their different patterns of spending. Income and expense patterns of the islandersí shows a slight change
over the 10 years due to the high cost of living and the increased price of goods. Analysis shows that the main
types of expenses incurred by the islanders include water bills, telephone and electricity, transport and children
education. In conclusion, income and expenses are two indicators that affect the well-being of the islanders