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Title: Management Information Systems and its Main Activities
Authors: Ali Saleh Ahmad Mohammed; Siti Rugayah Hj Tibek; Ideris Endot
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Keywords: Management Information Systems;Islamic Countries;Information Management;Western Countries;United Arab Emirates;Saudi Arabia;Malaysian;Indonesia
Abstract:The management information systems are considered the major component to the success of organizations
and institutions, whether it was public or private. Therefore the modern countries have taken important steps
towards the normalization of management information systems in most of its governmental institutions for the
purpose of safety and insurance of professional information management and to achieve successful
management. The Islamic countries have also followed the example of Western countries for the
implementation of modern management systems like; Malaysian, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi
Arabia. This research focuses primarily on the importance of management information system in the modern
business organizations and to discuss the basic functions of management information system, what are the
activities and procedures of information systems and nature. The objective of this research is mainly to identify
the effects of organizational and administrative implications of the use of management information system. The
research aims to know the effects and benefits of the establishment of management information system and what
are the difficulties faced by non-governmental organizations and private establishment after using these systems
and what changes to the organization as a result of use and identify the key challenges facing the administration,
the research also aims demonstrate the application of management information systems in the Islamic countries