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Title: The Chinese Muslim Community: Their Economic, Political and Social Involvement Inmalaysia
Authors: Wan Kamal Mujani; Abdul Qayyum Abdul Razak; Allawati Kasri; Mohd Irman Mohd Abdnasir ; Noor Inayah Ya’akub
Aff: Institute of West Asian Studies (IKRAB), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
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Keywords: Chinese Muslim; Economics; Politics; Social; Malaysia
Abstract:This study discusses the involvement and activities of the Chinese Muslim community in Malaysian socioeconomic
and political scenarios. It also highlights the early history of the Chinese Muslim community since
their early arrival in Malaysia till the present. This study seeks to identify the dakwah role and activities of the
Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) for the Malaysian society. This qualitative study finds that
the Chinese Muslim community is involved in businesses such as restaurants mostly operating in the Klang
Valley. Other than that, they work as professionals, teachers and administrators. In the political field, there is no
single organization or specific body which represents the community, however, there are a few individuals
directly involved such as Anuar Tan in Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS). At the same time, MACMA as an NGO
is seen as the main initiative in representing the community, specifically in matters related to welfare and
preserving their identity