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Title: Human Dignity and the Examples in the Quran
Authors: Mahmoud Qyumzadeh
Aff: Islamic Teachings Department,Saveh Branch,Islamic Azad University, iran.
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Keywords: Qur'an; Dignity; Detail
Abstract:Quran and the reverence of his superiority over many of the creatures God has spoken. The debate over the
history of Islam, has always been among Muslim scholars that it is absolute or relative, and if relative
superiority is to what organisms? Tribute to what this means and what is the dimension. In the present paper to
address the issues, human dignity and the meaning of the Quran to refer to different instances, and its origin is
expressed. Dignity is an important difference with the detail of the discussions that have been explained with
reference to the views of commentators in this regard, the dimensions of this issue and that this response is