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Title: Qualitative Survey of New Street «esfanjan » Quarter in « Semnan»
Authors: Mehrnush Zoghi Tutkaboni; Arash Vahid; Mahdi Moharrampour
Aff: Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Buinzahra branch, Qazvin, Iran
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Keywords: Qualitative Survey; Improvement and Renovation; Historical Context; «esfanjan» Quarter in
Abstract:Historical civic quarters contain a substantial significant sense of place and have particular features which
come from their history, architecture and urban vistas. During the past two or three decades, there has been a
growing awareness of the intrinsic quality of these places. Change of attitude towards these neighborhoods can
change them to something for better and more desirable but unique and scarce. The trend of this study is the
effect of new urbanization decisions on historical parishes(destrices) in present paper that has performed with
the purpose of qualitative study of the effect of newly built street in the ancient (=old) contexture of Esfenjan
seprating between 2 Imam and Aboozar streets at first we analyse and study the position of the street in the
restriction of the contexture of the Esfenjan, then by using the sowt technique will clear weakness and strength
(=power) points of the design and presentation potentials and limitations of mentioned street and at the end as
presented the improvement design’s options of reviwed restriction