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Title: Revival of Historical Civic Esfanjan Quarter in Semnan
Authors: Mehrnush Zoghi Tutkaboni; Arash Vahid; Mahdi Nayyeri; Mahdi Moharrampour
Aff: Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Buinzahra branch, Qazvin, Iran
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Keywords: Old Historical Texture; Revival or Rehabilitation; Improvement
Abstract:Historical civic quarters contain a substantial significant sense of place and have particular features which
come from their history, architecture and urban vistas. To eliminate any potential threat such as massive
clearance and disappearance at large scale or desolation and gradual destruction, all unofficial groups of people
should do their utmost to raise the public awareness and preserve these places in the best way they can. The
main objective of this paper is to study the revival trend of such places, their preservation and restoration of a
durable and practical productivity and efficiency preferably through new functions- significant historic character
and sense of place. This makes the historic quarter again as an attractive and desirable place to live in, invest,
and have fun. This Project focuses on the design and re-organization of a part of Esfenjan quarter in Semnan,
near Imamzadeh Yahya/shrine