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Title: The Family Counseling Services Scenario of the Islamic Religious Department Inmalaysia: Towards Enhancement of Services
Authors: Jawiah Dakir; Noralina Omar; Siti Rugayah Tibek; Khaidzir Ismail
Aff: Deputy Director , Institute of Islam Hadhari, The National University of Malaysia
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Keywords: Quality of Family Counseling Services; Credential of Counselors; Family Well-being
Abstract:The effectiveness of family counseling services is crucial in ensuring family wellbeing and the extent of
the family to be defensible and stay in harmony. The Islamic family counseling services run by the Islamic
Religious Department is a marriage and family advisory assistance services made available by the authorities to
the Muslim population in Malaysia. With a service area of extensive coverage, the Islamic Religious
Department plays a crucial role in determining the image of the Islamic family counseling services whereby the
effectiveness of such services is crucial in shaping a harmonious society. This study is conducted on 95
counselors and 656 clients who have used the counseling services of the Islamic Religious Department at
selected states in Malaysia. The study found the number of qualified counselors is insufficient and not all
counselors are suitably qualified for the task. And although a large number of clients are satisfied with the
counseling services, they have suggested that the service be more client-friendly and the number of counselors
be increased. Therefore, efforts toward the strengthening of counseling services is much needed to enable it to
give a positive impact on society