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Title: Critical Analysis on the Relation between Religion and Science
Authors: Mohd Arip Kasmo; Mohamad Zaid Mohd Zin; Ahamad Asmadi Sakat
Aff: Centre For General Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
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Keywords: Religion and Science; Non Muslim; Relation; Quran and Science
Abstract:Creationism versus evolutionism is the manifestation of the unending feud between science and religion in
the west. However, the dichotomy between science and religion is unseen in the Islamic perspective, similar to
certain extent to Christianity whereby the universe is the sign of The God. Islam state the universe is the sign of
the God and the Quran also the sign of the God. Since both are from The God, it does not entail any
contradictions. Viewing of this, a research has been conducted among the students perception in Malaysia on the
relation between the Quran and science. The research involved about 175 respondents. Two hours conversation
on the relation between the Quran and science were given and the questionnaire are circulated to be answered