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Title: Hadith Written in Early Islam in Malay Region
Authors: Latifah Abdul Majid; Haziyah Husain; Mazlan Ibrahim; Jawiah Dakir
Aff: Faculty of Islamic Studies, The National University of Malaysia,43600, Bangi,Selangor, Malaysia
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Keywords: Hadith; Malay Region; Al-sinkili; Earliest Written; Rational
Abstract:This article presents an investigation into the part played by al-Sinkili in disseminating Hadith teaching in
Malay Region. Special attention is given to his techniques of writing Hadith in order to facilitate a better
understanding of the Hadith to Malay readers and also his connections with his teachers and the chains of his
teachers with those leading Islamic scholars in Middle East. In the interest of validity and reliability, the study
provides multiple sources of evidence. These include tape-recorded in-depth interviews with specific researcher (in
particular with an expert educationalist in the seventeenth century) and academicians who are biographers of the
great scholar. Also included are data-gathering techniques such as library and document research. Research methods
used to examine the original writings of al-Sinkili are largely qualitative, and consist of approaches such as
hermeneutic and the inferential technique of content analyses. This article upon the earliest Hadith writing in the
Malay world would help us to understand, the importance of Hadith within Malay-Islamic history and to understand
how the Hadith is viewed by the devout and how it came to be regarded as part of Islamic Scripture