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Title: Islam and Protection of Womenís Rights: Refutation of Erroneous Thinking
Authors: Jawiah Dakir
Aff: Dept of Theology & Philosophy/ Institute of Hadhari Islam, The National University of Malaysia, 43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Author Email:
Keywords: Muslim Women; Protection by Islam; Refutation of Erroneous Thinking
Abstract:Islam leads mankind to civilised life and refined culture. Its arrival brings enlightment and illumination to
every believing human. Women are a group who share in the benefits of Islamís birth. Unfortunately, there are
still those who allege that women are in a state of loss due to pressure, frequent oppression, injustice, and submit
all kinds of accusations and express dissatisfaction over their inferior position and lack of privileges in Islam.
Among the issues raised is the equality between men and women, does Islam permit a husband to physically
beat a woman who commits nusyuz or disobedience for the purpose of educating her. Another issue in dispute is
the permissibility of polygamy, in addition to criticism of several hadith which negatively reflect on women and
so on. This article studies such thoughts and exposes as well as refutes thinking which is opposed to the real
intentions of Islamic Shariah, particularly from a Sunnah (Prophet tradition) point of view. Generally, such
erroneous thinking and allegations are a consequence of an approach which does not follow legal guidelines, is
not based on in-depth study of related issues, has not mastered the rules of understanding the reasoning and
sources of Shariah law and does not examine Shariah law with an open heart and sincerity, humility and
gratitude for the Grace from Allah SWT. If there is any shortcoming or weakness in the Shariah of Allah SWT
as they claim, then Allah SWT would be imperfect and weak, verily Allah the most Holy is free of all
deficiencies and weaknesses. Mankind cannot begin to uncover the secrets and wisdom of His laws. Mankind is
not able to find the logic of all of His laws. What should be realised is that all shortcomings and weaknesses in
the implementation of laws and rules which Allah has laid down, come from shortcomings and weaknesses in
mankindís interpretation and administration of His laws and rules