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Title: Educational Technology Media Method in Teaching and Learning Progress
Authors: Ahamad Asmadi Sakat; Mohamad Zaid Mohd Zin; Rusli Muhamad; Anzaruddin A; Nurfahiratul Azlina Ahmad ; Mohd Arip Kasmo
Aff: Department of Al Quran and Al Sunnah Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
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Keywords: Educational Technology;Teaching Methods;Teaching Aids;Student Achievement
Abstract:Effectiveness of teaching methods in Jawi Education for 52 pupils at National School of Changgai,
Kelantan reviewed the Educational Technology Media as a teaching method. Purpose of this study is to compare
the per cent, after using the ordinary method and Educational Technology Media as a teaching aid. In order to
realize the ultimate objective, field studies, questionnaire and survey libraries are implemented. Proceeds from
the research found that teaching and learning process with the use of Jawi in Educational Technology Media has
a positive effect on students. The results showed that more than 63.4% increase in student achievement in Jawi
subjects after using it