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Title: Rain in the Pre-islamic Poetry with Special Reference to the Selected Poems by Imrual-qays
Authors: Tengku Ghani T. Jusoh
Aff: Department of Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization, Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia
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Keywords: Rain; Imru Al-qays; Pre-islamic Poetry
Abstract:Rain is naturally the basic sources and a part and partial for the creature or human being to live especially in
the desert or barren land. Sometimes, it is generally functioning as a destructive element or the fertilityof soil.
Imru al-Qays the prominent pre-Islamic poet has poetically portrayed the rain in his Diwan(anthology). I have
hemistically selected his emotional poems and energetic lines by translating and analyzing it. I also
systematically have compartmentalized the rain into the two sections. It is categorically based on the power of
rain as a destructive part or as an element for fertile-region. In the destructive factor, the rain has heavily poured
water down around Kutayfah tossed down the lofty trees of al-Kanahbul and caused the white-footed goats to
descend from their haunts by every path, the trunk of palm tree in Tayma, Thabir the great-one dressed in
striped clothes, the peak of Mujaymir like the whirl of spindle and the birds of prey are drowned in the furthest
parts of the desert of Jiwa’. Moreover, the rain also naturally caused the fertily of barren land – The poet has
successfully described the fertility of the soil by versing the clouds poured down what it contained on the desert
of Ghabit as the whistling birds of desert of Jiwa’ are given an early draught, the black clouds rain continuously
and has been generous to it, the rats by the pool of stagnating water in the level plain, running on the hard desert
ground, the rain also hits Qataytayn, the valley of al-Badi and ends up at ‘Arid, a broad and fertile region-torrent
of rain in an expansive plain and at the end of the line Imru al-Qays poetically prayed his sister watered by rain,
visiting her means covering a great distance except that is for poetry