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Title: Understanding a New Combination of Technology and Art in Historic AbbasAbad Garden-Behshahr, Iran
Authors: Amir Moradi; Atekeh Moradi; Shirzaeh Dabiri; Reza Gharagozlou; Shima Rahmati Kamel; Armin Ebrahimi
Aff: Department of Urban Planning and Design, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Kish Island, Iran
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Keywords: Persian Garden; Four-Arched; Pool; Dam Engineering; Abbasabad Garden
Abstract:A garden with exotic elements with a four-arched building among seemingly stagnant pool water which appears two different figures in hot and cold seasons; such a way that during pool dewatering; it completely submerges and is seen as an island in the middle of water and at other times appears as a two-storey building with a quiet and sedate appearance. This weird building that had been as the resort of Safavid Kings has had an interesting application in maintaining and activating the pool set, a logical application with precision and calculative engineering. Form and function beauty with stunning geometry in the middle of the pool, is associate with engineering application in the field of dam and its protection, and accurate calculation of water motion and flow penetration. What is discussed in this paper with descriptive and analytical method based on field data according to archaeological excavation and library is coordination and cooperation of form with function and dam engineering operations and water circulation system in this garden.