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Title: Relationship between Identity and Self-Esteem with Attitude to Life among Art Students
Authors: Fatemeh Abdi; Fariborz Bagheri
Aff: Department of Clinical Psychology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: Attitude to Life; Life Meaning; Identity; Identity Formation; Self-Esteem,
Abstract:The aim of this study was to investigate relationship between identity, self-esteem and attitude to life among Art students. The samples were randomly selected from Art students of Tehran University and Art Institutes. The Measurement of mode identity (OMEIS) questionnaire, Batista on attitude to life questionnaire (LRI) and Cooper and Smith self-esteem questionnaire were used as the tools in this research. From 150 received questionnaire, 76 ones were confirmed from the view point of the accuracy. Regression analysis showed that variables such as self-esteem and successful identity were positive predictors of Art students attitude to life. These two variables showed a significant relationship between self-esteem and positive attitude to life with reliability of 95 percent. Whatever self-esteem was more among Art students, they tend to show more positive attitude to life and also how students get more successful identity, they get more positive attitude to life. S˙˙elf- esteem and successful identity are predictors of positive attitude to life among Art Students. Thus, policy makers and planners should consider these factors and it is essential educational planners and practitioners pay attention to this important matter, and professionals should try to enhance mental health among university students.