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Title: Investigation into the Effects of no-Till Farming in Different Planting Dates on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Corn (Zea Mays L.)
Authors: Mostafa Abbasi; Farshid Vazin
Aff: Islamic Azad university, Gonabad branch, Gonabad, Iran,
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Keywords: Planting Date; No-Tillage; Current Tillage; Corn
Abstract:In most areas of Isfahan Province, the maize is cultivated as a second crop after harvesting the wheat or barely and the farmers of this region are confronting with time-limit problems in performing correct yield of providing the soil bed, and the tillage is an expensive and energy-consuming yield. Thus, for examining the effect of tillage on the elimination of mechanical yield and saving the time and the expense of performing yield as well as the effect of appropriate date for planting the maize on the performance and its components, an experiment is conducted as a split plot design, 4 times in the agricultural year 2010 in Mourchekhort area of Isfahan. The factors including tillage in two levels (Current Tillage “CT” and Non-tillage “NT”) on the main plot and the planting date in three levels (29th June – 15th July – 28th July) with 15-day interval on the secondary plot were operated on the maize sort No. I704. The tillage system is not significantly effective on the biological performance. In tillage system, the performance of the grain, the number of corns in the maize row and the total number of corn in the maize showed respectively 10%, 12% and 22% increases, compared to those in nontillage system. On 29th June, the weight of one-thousand corns was decreased 13% and the performance of the corn, the number of corns in the maize row and the total number of corns in the maize was respectively increased in 35%, 16% and 30% compared to those on 29th July. Reciprocal effect of tillage system and planting dates didn’t effect on the corn’s performance and its components. Considering the results achieved, the best planting date for both tillage systems in this area is 29th June.