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Title: An Investigation on the Relation of Self-Respect and Self-Expression with Smoking Cigarette among High School Boy Students (Case Study).
Authors: Hosein Jenabadi; Aleme Keikha
Aff: University of sistan and baluchestan, faculty of education and psychology, Zahedan,iran.
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Keywords: Self-Respect; Self-Expression ,smoking Cigarette; High School Boy
Abstract:This research aims to examine the relation of variables of self- respect and self- expression with smoking cigarette among high schools’ boy students in Zahedan, a city in Iran. The method of research is descriptivemeasuring. Data were collected through questionnaire of self- respect and self- expression and situation of cigarette smoking. Reliability of researches was content- oriented. To determine the validity (stability) of research, croonbach’s alpha method was used in which re- test coefficient for questionnaires of self- respect and self- expression were 0.64 and 0.82, respectively. To examine the hypotheses of research, Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used. The results showed that between self- respect and smoking cigarette among high school students, there is a relation and also a relation exists between self- expression and cigarette smoking among those subjects.