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Title: Evaluation of Salinity Tolerance of Wheat (Triticum Durum Desf) at the Level Cellular and Plantlet
Authors: Bouatrous Yamina; Bousba Ratiba; Djekoun Abed alhamid; Ykhlef Nadia
Aff: Department of Biology and Ecology of Plants, Faculty the sciences of Nature and Life, University Mentouri Constantine, Algeria
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Keywords: Osmotic Adjustment; Durum Wheat; Salt Stress; Resistance; Callus
Abstract:Seven varieties of durum wheat Triticum durum Desf used in Algerian agriculture were tested for salinity tolerance at the cellular level (callus) by in vitro culture of mature embryos and in plantlet. Various parameters were evaluated under conditions of salt stress. After a recovery phase by irrigation without salt, the same parameters are measured. Our results show that there is a positive correlation between the performance of cultivars in the greenhouse and in the responses of callus under salt stress. These results suggest that resistance to salinity in durum wheat, in the plantlet depends, in part, of the existence of mechanisms operating at the cellular level. Cal response to salinitys is not always similar to that of the plantlet and the consideration of these two levels of organization is needed to better understand the complex mechanisms of resistance durum wheat to salinity.