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Title: Evaluation of the Potential Toxicity of the Polymethyl Methacrylate (dental Resin) on a Cellular Model Alternate Paramecium
Authors: Berrebbah Houria.; Djebar Mohamed Reda; Zeriati Chafica
Aff: Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Badji Mokhtar University of Annaba, 23000, B.P.12. Algeria.
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Keywords: Dental Resin; Polymethyl Methacrylate; Toxicity; Paramecium; Bioindicator; Pollution; Growth; GSH; Proteins; Respiratory Metabolism
Abstract:The evaluation of the toxicity of the dental resin containing poly methacrylate of methyl (MELIODENTE) polymerized with the microwaves was studied very little. In this work we propose to test a new fashion of cooking which can decrease the potential toxicity of the resin. The cytotoxicity is evaluated on an alternative biological model in fact the Microoganism (Paramecium.sp). Two times of cooking to the micro wave were chosen, a time court of 4 min with 360 W and a long time 7 min with 360 W We followed the evolution of physiological parameters (growth), biochemical (total proteins, respiratory metabolism), as well as the variations of a bio marker the GSH. Our results highlighted a light inhibition of the growth of the protists as well as a disturbance of the contents of total proteins and a reduction in the reduced rate of glutathion. The polarographic study revealed a stimulation of the consumption of O2. and this at the treated cells.