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Title: Study on the Trend of Energy Consumption for Producing Tuberose and Provide Appropriate in Increasing Productivity Greenhouses of Southwest of Iran
Authors: Seyed Mojtaba Alipour; Ahmed Sharifi Malvajerdi; Mohammad Chenari
Aff: Department of Agricultural Machinary, dezful Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dezful, Iran.
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Keywords: Tuberose; Input Energy; Energy Productivity
Abstract:The high use of energy in different sections such as agriculture cause necessity of energy management. In other words, optimization of energy and use of most efficient technologies, in orther to attainment of and special achievement, produce this possibility that in most of situation and in reduce use of energy. One of the subject in agriculture that considered in recent years is building greenhouses for producing agriculture products that survey of energy consumption in them is most important priority in this section. So increase in performance of energy consumption in greenhouse cultivation is one of most important activities in energy studies in agriculture and any success in this field can cause optimum use from valuable resources of energy. In this research in order to determine the amount of consumable energy and energy indices in Tubersose greenhouse, 15 unit of greenhouse with considering area of greenhouses in Dezful in acres in surface in 2012 is review and assessment as random. Data used in this reaserch from 15 greenhouses in Dezful obtained with questionnaire. Results from calculation showed that mean of input energy in Greenhouse study is 138418.66 MJ/ha. The average amount of energy productivity also, was obtained approximateing 0.74 MJ/branch