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Title: Constraints to Fish Farming among Women in Nigeria
Authors: Chioma G.Nzeh ; Adebayo; Z
Aff: Department of Zoology, University of Ilorin, P .M. B. 1515 Ilorin ,Nigeria
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Keywords: Constraint; Fish; Women; Farms and Employment.
Abstract:Fish farming can provide employment for women thus helping to alleviate poverty among women and improve the standard of living. Proceeds from fish sales can provide funds for women and contribute to the development of the society. Fish farmers are known to be confronted with difficulties when establishing commercial fish ponds. This research is intended to cover both Northern and Southern Nigeria. One hundred and thirty questionnaires were distributed randomly in Ilorin, North Central Nigeria to ascertain the constraints to fish farming among women in Nigeria. Ninety questionnaires were retrieved from females. Analysis of results indicated that female respondents were interested in fish farming but they lacked financial capacity to establish fish farms. Education was also identified as another constraint. About 56% of the respondents had basic education therefore were uniformed about fish culture in ponds. Fish farming was identified as a means of providing employment for the women folk and enhancing development among women.