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Title: Evaluation of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Yield Lines in Warm Zone of ARDABIL
Authors: Marefat Ghasemi K.; Kamal Shahbazi; Hassan Khanzadeh ; Jafar Azimi
Aff: Ardabil Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ardabil, Iran.
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Keywords: Wheat Yield; Diseases Tolerance; Ardabil Provience
Abstract:Evaluation of new wheat lines under farmer conditions is one of the most important steps in the release process. Such types of studies have been suggested also by international research centers like CIMMYT and ICARDA. In order to evaluate grain yield and disease resistance if advanced breeding wheat lines from North Warm zone of IRAN, this trial with 7 lines was conducted in two locations of Moghan region in ARDABIL Provience. Results of combined ANOVA showed a significant difference between locations for yield. There were significant differences among the genotypes for grain yield. Interaction effect between genotypes and location was also significant for grain yield .But mean comparison yield of genotypes showed that entry No 3 (BAV92/PRINIA//TAM200/PRL), was the superior genotype with grain yield of 7.537 t/ha. Entry No 3 is one of the Prinia crosses and showed good resistance reactyion to yellow rust .This line also showed a good tolerance to powdry milldow and with a plant height of 102 Cm. Entry No. 3 which showed tolerance to different diseases over two locations can be considerred for releasing or using as parent for hybridization