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Title: Effects of Temperature on the Nanotribiology of Silicon (Si) Germanium (Ge) and Tin (Sn).
Authors: Sunday I. Olisakwe; Azubike J. Ekpunobi ; Peter I. Ekwo
Aff: Department Of Physics Eduacation Federal College Of Education (Technical), Umunze. Anambra State, Nigeria
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Keywords: Nanotribology; Temperature; Model
Abstract:Nanotribology is an area of research that has attracted the interest of many scientists in various parts of the globe. Some discoveries in this area have opened up for scientists a new path to more sustainable breakthroughs. In this work, we developed two new models through a combination of bond-orbital model, Sangís equation and Tomlinsonís model. Using the first model E, which is the energy that prevents tip jump was calculated for Si, Ge and Sn. Through a combination of Sangís equation and Tomlinsonís model the second model was developed. This model was used to investigate the effects of temperature on the nanotribology of Si, Ge, and Sn. The results obtained compare favourably with experimental results. There are no experimental results for Ge and Sn. Hence wee are predicting experimental results for these semiconductors for the first time using our models