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Title: Effective Factors in the Existence of Waste Time and its Effects on Product System
Authors: Mohammad Reza Komari Alaie; Mohammad Rasouli Dizaji; Alireza Dadjoyan; Javad Pourtagi Anvarian
Aff: Department of Management,Hacettepe University,06800Beytepe,Ankara,Turkey.
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Keywords: Waste Time; Product System; Material Collection; Machinery Collection; Tools Collection and Human Strength Collection
Abstract:The purpose of this research is the examination of effective factors on existence of waste time and the effects of that for company product system. This research is Descriptive Analysis scientific and measurable. The research of statistic society of all of mangers, bosses and administer or specialists of product affairs and product ported of tested company are 650 (people). The capacity of sample statistic is equal of 40 that, is selected by class accidental sampling. The methods of gathering of information in this research are documentary, observing, interview and questionnaire. Also designed on the basis of 5 selection Likert scale. For admissibility of measurement in application, researcher used the admissibility depend on the content. The Cronbach . was equal . =0.81 and it has enough credit. In this research the effective factors on the existence of waste time in collection of material, machinery, tools and human strength are examined on four product system working shop company that involve operatory, enginery, assemble and paintining. The hypotheses of this research are analyzed by one way variance analyses of statistic test. The result showed that the waste time of collection of material, machinery and human strength does have any effect on product System of Company but it has effect on tools collections