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Title: Factors Affecting Quantitative and Qualitative Variation of Thyme (Origanum Syriacum L.) Essential Oil in Lebanon
Authors: Fatima Awada; Ahmad Kobaissi; Ali Chokr; Kassem Hamze; Salem Hayar ; Amina Mortada
Aff: Laboratory of plant biology and environment, Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences, Beirut, Lebanon.
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Keywords: Thyme; Essential Oil; GC; MS; Hydrodistillation; Chemical Composition; Thymol; And Carvacrol
Abstract:The aim of this study was to determine the variation of quantity and quality of Origanum syriacum essential oil according to 3 parameters: Region, time of harvest (April, May, and June), and part of plant (upper half and lower half leaves or stem) as well as variation after applying different conditions before and after extraction by hydrodistillation as soaking and addition of sodium chloride respectively. The yield of essential oil increases with altitude and reaches its maximum in the upper part of plant at full blooming in June. The major constituents determined by GC/MS were mostly thymol and carvacrol that also vary with different parameters and reach their highest concentrations (80% in some regions) in June. Soaking and addition of NaCl increase the quantity of essential oil obtained considerably and have no effect on its quality