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Title: Tourism Development and Exchange of Cultures
Authors: Sayyed Khalil Sayyed Alipour; Ali Toshka Firozjaei ; Saeidea Khatoon Aryamanesh
Aff: Department of Management,Firoozkooh Branch,Islamic Azad University,Firoozkooh,Iran.
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Keywords: Culture, exchange of cultures, Tourism, Development, Attractions Tourism
Abstract:For development of tourism, clearly culture problem is very important. Old and ancient works of every country show special culture of same country and consist of values about that land and characteristics of people in that country. This works has many spiritual values for that tribe specially and has many attractions for other publically and such things can attracts others to visit and distinguish of that attraction. Culture is spiritual, artistic and scientific that those recognition has a extensive effect in tribes development and different communities and usually itís a main tools for that tourist that love visit such tribe culture from near. Only way that can near cultures to each other is make enemies to friendship this big art of tourism made by travel. Individuals are agent of different cultures and relations of such people actually is relations of cultures that blessing and wealth of culture can be seen. Face to face relations should contain of all group. From big professors, students, unskill workers, and its now that public tourism is in the shape an achievement and emergency