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Title: Study of Resistance Components at Seedling Stage to Stripe Rust in some Doubled Haploid Wheat Lines
Authors: Tayebeh Bakhshi; Reza Bozorgipour; Mohammad Sharrif Moghaddasi
Aff: Department of Agronomy and Plant Biotechnology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: Doubled Haploid Lines; Resistance; Wheat; Yellow Rust
Abstract:In order to evaluate the reaction to yellow rust, 64 wheat doubled haploid lines resulted from wheat and maize hybrid chromosome elimination method were tested relative to one wheat yellow rust disease pathogen pathotype in Sari region. These pathotype is 166E14A+. Wheat double haploid lines were tested in seedling stage in greenhouse condition by three resistant control cultivars (Parsi, Sivand and Morvarid) and sensitive Bolani cultivar. All lines and cultivars were planted in three replications in plastic pots in culture room. In one and two leaves stages, the seedlings were inoculated with urodiniospores of each pathotypes separately. After 14 to 25 days, the infection type of each line was recorded based on 0-9 scale. Resistance was measured by infection type, latent period, pustule size and pustule density. The analysis of variance showed a significant difference among genotypes. Accordingly the resistance lines were selected. These lines can be used as resistance resources relative to pathotypes in improvement programs. The results indicate that doubled haploid system can be useful method for production of optimal resistant lines in short term