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Title: The Effect of Irrigation and Biofertilizer on Seed and Yield Index on Two Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Varittes
Authors: Zahra Rabieyan; Zahra Fakharian Kashani
Aff: Young Research club, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, IRAN.
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Keywords: Biofertilizers; Biosuper; Chickpea; Deficit Irrigation; Nitragen.
Abstract:To evaluate the effects of nitrogenous and phosphorous biofertilizers on yield and yield components of chickpea under different irrigation levels a research was conducted in a splitsplit plot experiment with three replications based on completely randomized block design at Research Field of Islamic Azad University Tabriz Branch in the spring of 2009. Irrigation levels (normal and deficit irrigation) were considered as a main factor and cultivars (ILC482 and Pirouz) and also fertilizers levels (control, nitragen, biosuper and nitragen + biosuper) as sub and sub-sub factors respectively. The result showed that application of nitragen+biosuper biofertilizer under complete irrigation increased seed weight by about average, pod weight per plant and hundred seed weight in ILC482 cultivar. While, nitragen and biosuper biofertilizer produced more pods with one seed by average of 13/17 number of pods. But Pirouz cultivar produced more pods with two seeds by 2/39 number of pods relative to ILC482 cultivar by 1/54 number of pods with two seed. Nitragen and biosuper biofertilizer increased number of pods with two seed about 58/42%. Application of Nitragen and biosuper biofertilizer increased yield in ILC482 cultivar by 73/33 gr/m2 relative to Pirouz cultivar by 47/98% gr/m2.