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Title: Information Technology Strategic Policy
Authors: M. Salehi
Aff: Department of Management, Islamic Azad University, Sari branch, IRAN
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Keywords: Strategic Policies; Information Technology; Information Society
Abstract:Short-time information and communication technology has conversion one of the main components of modern society and Shadow on political, economic, social environment and .... and is formed the base of successful new company. Similarly, ICT has increased the value of learning process, organization and management of educational institutions. Internet a driving force for many advances and innovations in developed and developing countries. Countries should be able to received progress ICT benefit. To achieve this, a group of experts with strong background of information and communication technology, independent from computer platforms or software environments must be taught to advances in technology led to development work, and changing on work organization. Therefore, the strategic policies in information technology should be considered for implementing competence of individuals in critical thinking, general competence, competence in the field of ICT expertise and ability to work, decision making, dealing dynamic success, work as members of group and effective communication occurrence.