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Title: Evaluation of Experimental Method in Estimation of Maximum Instantaneous Flood Discharge
Authors: Hadi Mohammadzadeh Khani; Shahram Khalighi Sigaroodi; Reza Ravandoust; Ghobad Rostamizad
Aff: M.Sc. of watershed management, University of Tehran, Iran. Young Researcher Club, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran
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Keywords: Maximum Discharge; Flood Estimation; Small Watershed; Curve Number; RMSE.
Abstract:Estimation of maximum instantaneous flood discharge is one of main problems in watershed projects, especially in small watersheds, because of lack of hydrometric equipment and data for statistics. The aim of the present study is the development of an acceptable method to estimate maximum instantaneous flood discharge in small watersheds. The first approach is based on the basin area and other based on the physiographical features basins and precipitation. The Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) was used to evaluate the Estimation of maximum instantaneous flood discharge. The results of evaluation, showed that among methods related to basin area, Horton method with RMSE=2.8 and among methods related to basin physiographical feature and precipitation, curve number with RMSE=20.6 had the least error. So, determined as the best methods. FHWA method because of having most amount of RMSE (5924.5) had the least efficiency for determination of peak discharge in this area