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Title: Impact of Physical Space on Citizens' Behavior: A Case Study in Arak
Authors: Abbas Malek Hosseini; Fatemeh Farahani
Aff: Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran
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Keywords: Impact of Physical Space; Citizens' Behavior; Arak
Abstract:Cities are product of civilization of mankind, and not only yield of population concentration in one point. Humans live in cities with cooperation, collaboration, and face to face communication with each other. Set of individuals present in the city, based on regulation of their relations within citizenship spirit will be success to build the city and eventually to create a sense of belonging to the place and social environment. For this purpose it is necessary that all kinds of human relationships and depth of these relationships is known. In the past, cities were fostered urban development and civilization criteria in themselves. But by highly increase of cities' population and by emergence of social conflicts, now present city is going against development and civilization. Purpose of this paper is to examine problems and behavioral abnormalities in urban society of Arak. In urban design of Arak, physical aspect of the city is more considered and urbanity engineers just focus on construction, while a city is constituted of buildings in which some humans are living. Lack of attention to it causes to produce abnormalities and behavioral difficulties in the society