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Title: A Survey on the Tendency and Types of Usages of Internet in Baku City
Authors: Paknazar Jafar
Aff: Department of consultation, Parsabad Moghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Parsabad Moghan, Iran
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Keywords: Environmental & Individual Factors; Internal Tendencies; Internet Users
Abstract:In this research the specification of the kind of viewpoint of the internet users' in Baku city and the environmental and internal tendencies to the internet as well, have been studied. The main goal of this research is to assess the tendency and types of usages of internet and investigate these effective tendecies on internet users. Population of this research is internet users in Baku city which was an enormous one so we chose them randomly. After performing the questionnaires by interviews and collecting the opinions, we asked the internet users to perform and to= fill the questionnaires among their friends and relatives too. The amount of the samples in this research determined 628 people according to Cockran formula for collecting the required data we used parallel method by the usage of question measurement in the from attitude measurement for determination of the tendencies of internet users, in order to determine the effective factors for mentioned tendencies, we adjusted every question for every variable in the questionnaires and then we performed them. The research hypothesis was examined by using Pierson correlation quotient test. The results show that there is a relationship between variables