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Title: Budget Constructionsin Executive Organizations ofArdabil Province
Authors: NasrinKhodabakhshi; Mohsen Ajdar
Aff: Department of Management, Khalkhal Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khalkhal, Iran
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Keywords: Construction Budget; Capital Assets Possession Credit; Budget; Budgeting; Development Forth Plan
Abstract:anizations` construction budget in Ardabil province. The study has been done in a four-year period from 2009to2012 and it has used Spearmen’s correlation coefficient test.The study was based on descriptive – traversemethod, and questionnairehas been used for data collection. The statistical universe of this research includes all financial sectors`staff, Housing and Urban ConstructionOrganization of Ardabil province,Industryand Mines Organization of Ardabil province, the Head Office of Road and Transportation ofArdabil province and the Head Office of School Rebuilding of Ardabil province, and sampling with respect to the organizational conditions is as full - numbering.Findings of the research in studying the relationships between independent variables (delay in credit allocation, bureaucracy, the time of programs prediction, interorganizational structural issues , stages of outlay , inappropriate evaluation of construction budget)and dependent variable(un-establishmentof constructionbudget and /or delay in the execution of construction budget)showed that the stage outlay element and delay in credit allocation has the most effect on the construction budget un-establishment and/or delay in the execution of construction budget, respectively.