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Title: Designing the Systemic Model of Human Resources Development in the Public Sector
Authors: Naser Mirsepasi; Abolhassan Faghihi; Mohammad Reza Babaei
Aff: Department of Public Management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: System; Human Resource Management,Public Sector; Conceptual Model
Abstract:Purpose:The main objective of this study was to design a model system for human resource development (HRD) in governmental organization and public sector in Iran.Some factors could contribute to a systematic approach to model the development and empowerment of human resources in an integrated and interactive model. Design/Methodology/Approach:This method is based on identifying and explaining the main and auxiliary systems of human resource development and interaction of input, process, output and feedback. In this respect, relationships and their impact on model systems were analyzed for the study. In order to research the modeling of - Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)method is used. Findings:In this research, human resource development is divided into three sub-systems of performance management, the appointment and Promotion and empowerment.For each of the following systems with the nature of the input, processing, output and feedback were identified and analyzed. Research Limitations/ Implications:HRD system model can improve planning effectiveness of performancemanagement, training and empowerment and career planning employees in public sector organizations. Value/ Originality :Government agencies and public sector managers can use this model as a system level to measure functions and processes associated with the development of human resources.