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Title: Evaluation of Deficit Irrigation and Superabsorbent Hydrogel on some Growth Factors of SCKaroun701 Corn in the Climate of Khuzestan
Authors: Khodadadi Dehkordi; H.A. Kashkuli; A. Naderi; S.A. Shamsnia
Aff: Department of Irrigation, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khouzestan, Iran.
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Keywords: Corn SCKaroun701; Superabsorbent Super AB a 200; Total Dry Matter (TDM); Relative Growth Rate (RGR); Final Height of Plant; Seed Protein Percentage.
Abstract:The present paper aims to evaluate the impact of drought stress and application of different ratios of superabsorbent, super AB A 200 on some growth factors of SCKaroun701 corn in Khouzestan province’s climate conditions. Results showed that drought stress had negative effects on growth factors of corn. It is due to the effect of drought stress through decrease in leaf area index and disorder in process of absorption and transfer of nutrients in plant. Finally, they lead to a decrease in nutrients supply and reduction in growth factors. Here, existence of superabsorbent could properly provide sufficient amount of water and nutrients storage and release them in stress conditions to the plant. Thus, by use of superabsorbent, the less water consumed and the better growth factors received. Consequently, by use of superabsorbent, the water is more saved and the cultivated lands are extended.