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Title: Effect of Different Water Deficiency Levels on some Antioxidants at Different Growth Stages of Lentil (lens Culinaris L.)
Authors: P. Allahmoradi; C. Mansourifar; M. Saiedi; S. jalali Honarmand
Aff: Payam noor University, Karaj Branch, Iran.
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Keywords: Lentil; Water Deficiency; Anti-Oxidant; Enzymes; Proline.
Abstract:security and sustainability in agricultural production and enzyme activity is one of the most important aspects of responses to water deficiency in plants. Anti-oxidant enzymes protect plant organisms against reactive oxygen species under water deficit condition. In order to investigation of relationship between anti-oxidant enzymes activity and resistance to water deficiency, a pot experiment was carried out as complete randomized design with four replications at the Razi University, Kermanshah in 2012. Experimental factors were include, water deficiency in three levels (control: without water deficiency, water deficiency during vegetative and reproductive growth stages from at -1.2 MPa) and four lentil cultivars (Landrace, Gachsaran, Kimia and Qazvin). Results showed that water deficiency treatments especially at vegetative stage, significantly decreased grain yield. Gachsaran and Landrace cultivars in control and water deficiencies treatments had the highest grain yield respectively. The least grain yield reduction down to control treatment was seen in Landrace cultivar. Anti-oxidant enzymes activity was raised with increasing of water deficiency severity. The activity of these enzymes in leaves of landrace cultivar was more than other cultivars. Superoxide dismutase activity was decreased by time and aging in spite of rose in other anti-oxidant activities during reproductive growth stage. It can interpret that, anti-oxidant enzymes have positive significant correlation with drought tolerance and they have determinant role in drought tolerance.