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Title: The Influence of Yoga-On Risk Profiles Programs in Women withDiabetes typeII
Authors: Najmeh Habibi; Zahra Hemati Farsani; Behrooz Yazdani; Reza Arianshakib; Parivash Noruozi
Aff: Exercise physiology, Department of exercise physiology, School of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran
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Keywords: Diabetes Type II; Body Composition; Yoga Exercise; Blood Sugar; Leptin
Abstract:Background: The goal of research is the effect of 12-weeks yoga exercise on physiological factors and blood sugar of patients who suffer from diabetes type II. Methods: In this semi-experimental research, from the females who have diabetes in Isfahan Township, 26 women with age range of(45-60)years old and weight rage of(60-91kg) voluntarily and in access choice and were put in two kinds of experimental(16patients)and control(10 patients) group.experimental group within the period of 12weeks (3sessions in week, each session 75 minutes) did a selected yoga exercise, Whereas control group had no regular and systematic physical activity. In this research, variables to be tested were blood sugar, plasma insulin level, leptin level, systolic blood pressure and also, weight, body mass index that before and after the exercise period these tested variables were measured. For analyzing the data from the descriptive and inferential statistics were usedT-test for the difference between the means of the independent groups. A significant level (p<0/05) was considered for all the examinees. Results: findings of research show a significant difference between average of blood sugar, plasma insulin level and systolic blood pressure, among experimental and control groups, whereas this difference in leptin level, weight and BMI in experimental and control groups was not significant (p<0/05). Conclusions: findings of research showed that a period of selected yoga exercise which caused tosignificant improvement in blood sugar of patients having diabetes type II.